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About the Center
KNUH Hair Transplantation Center
The Hair Transplantation Center at Kyungpook National University Hospital (KNUH) is Korea’s the first hair transplantation center established at a university hospital in 1996. With the support of the Ministry of Health and Welfare and city of Daegu, as the “Support and funding project for local leaders in outstanding medical technology”, the center moved to the current location in 2011.

The follicular unit hair transplantation technique, developed by Professor Jung-Chul Kim, makes it possible to transplant 1,000-1,500 hairs per hour. With this technique, the survival rate of transplanted hairs exceeds 92%, thus guaranteeing the most natural looking result.

Technicians receive ongoing education about new technology and current information at the Center. Some 150 Korean and 30 foreign doctors have visited the Center to learn this technique.
The Center has also trained over 100 technicians and surgical assistants in hair follicle preparation, and they are employed
at hair transplantation clinics throughout the country. The Center and its nationwide network of hospitals, with Center-trained doctors, provide high-quality service for hair-loss patients.

KNUH Hair Transplantation Center opens a new chapter in male-pattern baldness through continuing research and
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