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Network Clinics
20 years experience leading to renowned expertise
Our experience and expertise accumulated over 20 years is the very source of our competitiveness.
Continuing research in hair loss
Long before hair transplantation became the fundamental treatment for hair loss, Professor Jung-Chul Kim conducted studies related to hair loss. In 1992, he attempted to change the conventional paradigm of hair transplantation through his own studies on follicular unit hair transplantation. Recently, Professor Kim published the results of his study on the gene that may cause male-pattern baldness. Conducting ongoing multilateral hair research, publishing those results, and, ultimately, relieving hair-loss sufferers pain and stress are the pursuits of our team.
Network of Hospitals led by colleagues of Prof. J.C. Kim
Led by Prof, J.C. Kim, his colleagues participate in the same effort through cooperating hospitals. You can receive medical service that is reliable, exceptional, and caring from all across the country. Providing a big happy smile to everyone suffering from hair loss is our mission.
In order to transfer the research outcomes of KNUH Hair Transplantation Center from the laboratory to the patient, TRICHOGENE was established in May 2000 as a business venture at the University. The company’s purpose is to develop effective treatment and therapy for male-pattern baldness. And its primary profit models involve manufacturing and selling KNU implanters, training and dispatching technicians and surgical assistants, franchising hair transplant clinics, and developing and selling hair growth stimulators.

TRICHOGENE’s main products include Dr. HairTT Shampoo, hair growth stimulators, hair removers, hair follicle cloning techniques, bio artificial skin, and acne treatments. / 070-7834-8849     
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